Miracle Coatings Products
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The mission of our company is to manufacture safe and effective products that clean, maintain and enhance permanent botanicals additionally we provide a line of Floral and Craft Supplies.
Silk arrangements, trees and holiday foliage are found in homes, businesses, restaurants and commercial buildings. These artificial plants and trees or “permanent botanicals" look real and are a beautiful addition to the business environment and home décor. Our Cleaner line, Silk'n Splendor and Dri Splendor are formulated to clean, protect and beautify silk plants and delicate dried florals to help maintain their “lifelike” impression. Wicker Wonder was created to clean and bring back the original new look to anything wicker, rattan or cane.
Our Floral and Craft Supply line includes products for floral arranging and craft projects. QuickWater and CraftWater are the top of the line simulated (faux) waters. QuickArrange is a floral mounting foam and CraftSoil a simulated soil for potted silk trees or craft projects. Colorfill Vase Filler/Decorative Accents is a unique floral and craft product with a variety of uses. Our silica gel with moisture indicating beads is used for drying fresh flowers.
Please explore our site to learn about the variety of products we offer. Unique and superior performing products, leadership in packaging, excellent customer service and enhanced consumer value sets Miracle Coatings products apart from the competition.
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Last updated: 10/03/11