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Dri Splendor™ Dried Floral Cleaner

Dri Splendor™ Dried Floral Cleaner was specially formulated to clean delicate dried flower arrangements and swags.
Dried flowers are unique and can be long lasting with the proper environment and care to ensure they get their maximum life span. Dri Splendor is an effective way to clean drieds. Our environmentally friendly forumla is non-toxic and safe for delicate dried florals.
To help ensure your drieds get a long life follow a few simple steps:
  • Keep your arrangements away from direct sunlight to prevent fading.
  • Place arrangements in low traffic areas to prevent being hit by people or pets.
  • Dust your dried and preserved floral arrangements routinely.
  • Clean your drieds with Dri Splendor® to restore color to dusty dried florals bi-annually.
Dri Splendor is available in 24 oz. Liquid. No rinsing or wiping, just spray and let drip dry. For especially dirty arrangements, more than one application or more frequent use may be necessary.  Use Dri Splendor to recycle old arrangements to make them look new again.
Give your dried floral arrangements the care they deserve. They are easy to maintain with Dri Splendor Dried Floral Cleaner.