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QuickWater for Silks™ Simulated Water

Create the illusion of real water for your silk arrangements and give them a lifelike impression with QuickWater™ Simulated Water.
For years, epoxy resin compounds sometimes known as "acrylic water" have been used with silk floral arrangements in clear vases. These compounds do a good job of holding silk flowers and creating the illusion of real water, but over time, the cured acrylic water can yellow. These compounds can also take days to cure after pouring.
QuickWater is unique, not like the other "artificial waters".
  • The ONLY simulated water with urethane chemistry, not acrylic.
  • The ONLY simulated water guaranteed not to yellow.
  • Superior clarity and faster cure time
  • 8 to 10 hours, vs. 24 to 48 hours
QuickWater is available in 12 oz. and 1 Gallon kits.
For fun craft projects, QuickWater can be tinted using liquid candle dyes available at retail and online craft stores. Check the Instruction page for design tips! In the near future, we will have a gallery of designs at to stimulate your creativity! The site is currently under construction, but check back soon!
For a list of high end Designers who use QuickWater exclusively in their arrangments, go to our "Links" page.