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Silk'n Splendor® Silk Plant Treatment















Silk flowers, arrangements and trees get dirty and dusty like any surface around the home or office. Silk 'n Splendor® is the safe and easy way to maintain all types of artificial plants also known as "permanent botanicals".
More than a silk plant cleaner, Silk'n Splendor is a treatment that cleans, beautifies and protects permanent botanicals.
  • Cleans by loosening and suspending dirt and dust so that it runs off.
  • Beautifies by providing a depth of color and natural shine.
  • Protects by providing properties that help repel dust build up.
No rinsing or wiping! Just spray and let drip dry. Our formulation is safe and environmentally friendly! For best results, use Silk'n Splendor every 3 months. (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter cleaning.) You can also take old, tired looking arrangements and recycle them into new, fresh arrangements. Go to our "Related Links" page for information for a "How To".
Silk'n Splendor is available in a 24 oz. Liquid and 18 oz. Foaming Aerosol. Our aerosol is the only non-flammable, non-toxic Aerosol in the silk plant cleaner category. Gallon sizes of the Liquid are available for Industrial use.
Artificial plants and silk flowers are an important part of home and business decor. With Silk'n Splendor Silk Plant Treatment, it is easy to maintain and enhance permanent botanicals to keep them looking new.