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From "BC" in Lexington, KY
I am in the marketing industry and always looking for an edge to get my product in front of the consumer and make it memorable. I had a great new stock tank cleaner that needed a unique way to be displayed... (Beyond the regular banners, flyers etc). While I was out and about, I ran across some metal tins that looked like stock tanks. Now all I had to do was find a clever way to "make water" to hold the bottle of cleaner. This is where your product came in. I had never worked with "fake water" type products but everyone at the local craft stores told me that they all yellow over time and that they are very difficult to use. When I did my research, I found Miracle Coatings QuickWater. It was a great way to "fill my stock tanks" with water for a unique and eye-catching display! It does not yellow over time and was SOOOOO easy to use. I am thrilled with the results! FAST, EASY and NOT STINKY! I love it. It is a great product and I am thrilled with the results! Thank you for helping me find my "out of the box" solution!